Closed for Summer

Pod Camping 011School has finished for Summer and the kids have bundles of energy to get rid of.  My husband has booked us a wonderful family holiday and it can’t come quick enough for us but until we pack up and flee next month, I have an epic task ahead in keeping our children occupied.  So I’ve got some things planned and blogging is not one of them.

So keep safe and see you in the Autumn.


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  1. You deserve it, Earthpal. Enjoy it and while at it get your strength together for the new season, litter and all. LOL.


  2. Thanks Jose. You are so kind. Yes, I am looking forward to the holiday. I’m taking lot’s of books. I want to catch up on my reading. Take care dear Jose.


  3. Have fun.


  4. Send me a postcard! x


  5. Enjoy your summer EP.


  6. Posted by ders on August 6, 2009 at 1:35 am

  7. Thanks guys.

    Just got back from my hols. Will catch up with you as soon as I am able. xx


  8. Welcome back, Earthpal. Just rest a few days – because you must sure need it – before coming again on the arena.


  9. Hey EP,

    I’m blog uninspired at the moment, probably because I’m busy with other things. Have been involved for years with our local park, trying to get the council to improve facilities etc. We have finally got the money for the park’s re-development which is very satisfying … many zillions of meetings later!

    Have just been away for a month as well, down in NZ. Was lots of fun as well as catching up with family. Back is reality next week! Talk soon. xx


  10. Hey Matty sweetie, it’s great to hear from you. I missed you. Yeah, I’m finding it hard to keep the blog alive too. As and when huh.

    Congratulations on the park redevelopment success. Well done you! People power in action.

    New Zealand sounds fun. It must have been emotional too, seeing all your family again. Back to the grind now as they say. Sigh.

    Jose, thanks dear. Still busy with all kinds of stuff just now but itching to get blogging again.


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