On Peace Day

Today is the 9th International Day of Peace but seeing as it’s now almost tomorrow and I haven’t heard news of any major breakthrough’s coming from the Department for Peace I guess it’s not worth holding out for any lasting ceasefires or global harmonic pledges.  Hell, the girls at work couldn’t even hold off the bitching for a day – not even for a couple of hours. What’s more, I’ve been trying to get onto the IDofP website since six o clock this evening but all it wants to do is pick a fight with me so I haven’t been able to see what the peace activists have been up to in honour of this day or whether I missed any one-minute truces.  I would post a link to their site but seeing as I can’t get on it, I won’t.   I could keep trying . . . if I was dedicated and all but it’s late so sod that for a game of soldiers.  Oh, wrong choice of phrase to use on a world peace day.

Well I tried their website again and it worked.  One hour before the day ends, it works.


Now I’m feeling bad.  They’re trying to build peace bridges between cultures, between people, between each other, and it’s not right to knock their efforts.   Ok, we can be cynical and say what’s the point or that we should strive for peace every day, but if the world had peace just one day a year, think what that would mean for humanity.  One day a year isn’t enough but it’s a start.

Like many other cynics, I’m of the belief that it’s pointless to go around feeling good and hugging each other for one day to give our consciences a 24 hour reprieve.  Holding one peace day a year won’t change the world and it sure as hell won’t bring about the much-needed mass ethical-cleansing of our leaders.  But I do respect and support the good intent of the Peace Day movements.  We desperately need to replace the global culture of killing with a sustainable culture of peace.  Who can argue with that?

On an individual basis, there’s nothing stopping us from seeking peace within ourselves and with those around us every day. It’s important to teach peace and lead by example for our children.  We should give our children a world in which they know only peace – a world where there is no alternative.

And you know, the Earth and the environment are closely linked to world peace.  If we cherished nature, we wouldn’t use weapons of mass destruction that devastate the Earth and kill innocent people.  If we cared about the environment, we wouldn’t use chemical weapons that poison the atmosphere and burn little children.  If we loved our Earth, we wouldn’t use heavy artillery that trashes the land, pollutes the air and the sea and causes massive human collateral.  Basically, if we respected our planet, there would be world peace.

The force and the strength for peace will come from people. And that will happen when people start to realize that all the diversity and differences we see of nationalities, of religions, of cultures, of languages, are all beautiful diversities, for they are only on the surface. And deep down we share the same humanity, the global humanity. Satish Kumar


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Earth Pal, It’s been a while since I heard from you. Or, left you a comment, for that matter. Hope you are well. Happy Peace Day.


  2. Hi Helen, great to hear from you. I’ve been ever so busy lately and I don’t get as much time to keep the blogging up.

    A day late but peace and blessings to you too. xx


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