International Day of Climate Action – 24th October 2009

That’s today.

Basically, cities and towns throughout the world are encouraged, nay, urged to organise an activity incorporating the number 350.  The idea is to raise publicity about climate change and in their own words the idea is to:

  • Lifting public awareness on the need for an international climate treaty to reach 350
  • Assembling a coalition of hundreds of organizations committed to this vision of a more sustainable world
  • Connecting you with others in your community and across the planet who are building this movement
  • Providing on-line resources and tools that make pulling together an event easy
  • Linking your October 24 event with hundreds of other actions at iconic places around the world
  • Leveraging the day of action for meaningful political change

We’re off to Piccadilly, Manchester in about half an hour to support the campaign there and to sign the Blue in the Face petition so if you’re in Manchester today, I’ll be the one with the blue face but I doubt I’ll be the only blue face so it’s your guess.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Here it’s gone without any hint of worry by the street people. Pity it could have been something sensational. Much better that nanny state takes care.


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