“Troubled Waters” and a Thriving Black Market

For those of us who feel sorry for the people of Gaza, starving under the tyrannical Israeli blockades, be comforted by Melanie Phillips who brings us good news that in actual fact, the Palestinians are enjoying a commercial nirvana, a Western-style shopping Mecca.

Folks we’ve been duped.  Those naughty Gazans have been having us on about crippling blockades.  Those humanitarian aid agencies have been telling us lies about deprivation of basic needs.  The Palestinians are thriving under the blockade.  I mean why would they need building materials?  Are they really necessary to repair/rebuild Gaza’s ruined infrastructure caused by the Gaza war?  And who needs items such as baking products, books, stationary, toys, clothes, music, sheets, blankets, candles, light bulbs?  Hell, just recently, the Israeli government even decided to allow them to have previously forbidden sanitary luxuries such as nappies and loo roll. God, you spoil them Israel.

Well Melanie, seeing as Israel’s devastating blockade has caused major unemployment and has destroyed Gaza’s commercial sector, I guess it’s desperation that compels the tunnel traders to take huge and dangerous risks in an effort to keep some kind of independent economy running in Gaza. Really Melanie, is it such a surprise that the Gazans have found other means of enterprise. Your pointless point about flat screen TV’s, cars and suchlike being smuggled in is really rather well . . . pointless given that only the wealthier Gazans would benefit from such expensive items.  And certainly not at the top of the list of priorities for the majority of the population.

Anyway, while potty Phillips writes a total non-article about a thriving black market trade via Gaza’a tunnels, she says nothing about an Amnesty report released today claiming that while the Israeli’s enjoy swimming pools and lush green gardens, the Palestinians barely have enough water for their basic needs.

From the Amnesty article:

On average, Palestinian daily water consumption barely reaches 70 litres per person a day, while Israeli daily consumption is more than 300 litres per day – four times as much. In some rural communities Palestinians survive on barely 20 litres per day, the minimum amount recommended by aid organisations for domestic use in emergency situations.

Some 180,000-200,000 Palestinians living in rural communities have no access to running water and the Israeli army often prevents them from even collecting rainwater. In contrast, Israeli settlers, who live in the West Bank in violation of international law, have intensive-irrigation farms, lush gardens and swimming pools. Numbering about 450,000, the settlers use as much or more water than the entire Palestinian population of some 2.3 million.


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  1. I could tell Ms Phillips that perhaps that some Palestinians smuggle de-luxe articles may mean that the rich are sharing their fortunes with the poor.

    By the way is this Melanie Phillips on any Zionist payroll?


  2. Jose I’m sure she must be on the Israeli payroll. Being Jewish herself, she is unbelievably and blindingly biased towards Israel. She once called the Palestinians a “terrorist population” and anyone who criticises the Israeli government is antisemitic in her blinkered mind.


  3. In principle I don’t like anyone killing or being killed.

    Shall we ever know on whose door the blame of anything that happens in the world must be placed?


  4. Posted by ders on October 28, 2009 at 4:25 pm

    1920 Threat Quote By
    Mega-Zionist Chaim Weitzmann

    “We told the authorities in London; we shall be in Palestine whether you want us there or not. You may speed up or slow down our coming, but it would be better for you to help us, otherwise our constructive force will turn into a destructive one that will bring about ferment in the entire world.”

    (Judishe Rundschau, #4, 1920, Germany, by Chaim Weismann, Zionist leader)


  5. It’s said that Zionists today are descendants from the Khazars.


    Apparently nothing to do with the ancient Israelites. Perhaps that explains why the creation of the modern State of Israel was decided.


  6. Posted by ders on October 29, 2009 at 9:05 am

    The modern State of Rothschilds.


  7. The modern “police” State of Rothschild’s, an atomic fist inside the area where most oil is got.

    Orthodox Jews are against, as you may know, Ders.


  8. Sounds like those Gazans are living it up on the Med – the life of Reiley (or is it Reilley?) (or Riley? – no, it’s got an “e” in it).

    This sort of argument is like the South African apartheid one, those crazy blacks have the best life of any black African – or those bulls being readied for their slaughter in a bullring live a great life before they are killed for fun.

    Not really the point is it. You can’t take others’ freedom and give them some stuff in return and expect to thank their lucky stars.


  9. I really dislike Melanie Phillips – to levels of deep intensity. My dear lovely mum brought me up to avoid the word hate but sometimes, no other word will do.

    Hi guys. Sorry it’s took me so long to get back to you. My life is rather hectic these days. Haven’t even got the time to write a decent response. Will try to catch up soon. xxx


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