“Mother Earth is NOT an Ashtray”

The Keep Britain Tidy campaign are asking smokers to be more considerate about how they dispose of their smoking-related rubbish.  Fair enough I say.  Smokers don’t have a divine right to use our streets as ashtrays.  Similarly, gum-chewers who spit their gum onto the pavements have no right to trash our streets.

Look down and take note of the cigarette butts along with the chewed-up gum.  Discarded cigarette butts are an eyesore but more crucially, they’re not biodegradable.  In fact, on account of the toxins they are designed to hold, they present a real threat to our wildlife and they’re often found in the stomachs of birds and marine-creatures.

But what do we care, so long as we can live as we want to, doing whatever we like.

There I go again, being a sanctimonious, self-righteous, myopic greenie.  Ho hum.  I make no apologies for caring about the Earth and the inhabitants that I share it with.

Here’s the video:


2 responses to this post.

  1. I remember when I was in Glasgow late in the 80s and early 90s, that I marvelled at not seeing a single cigarette butt on the streets or anywhere else. So much so that – I smoked at the time – I kept my consumed tobacco in my hand until I could reach a point where to dispose of it.

    Seems as though thing have also changed in Britain since.

    Here it is becoming a rare thing to see anyone smoking in the streets, and those who do look at your with with shame in their eyes.

    But… the pavements are full with stuck used chewing gums. A sign of lack of civility. Shameful, indeed! Because the streets have plenty of dustbins – which, believe me, are never full…


  2. Yes Jose, it has to be said that smoking is anti-social these days and it’s rare to see people smoking on the streets. I do see patients stood outside the hospital where I work, with their drip stands in one hand and ciggy in the other, shivering in their bedclothes. Must be pretty desperate.

    The chewing gum is a major problem. Some towns and cities have “gummy bins” mounted on lamposts and railings around the town but I’ve yet to see someone use them.


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