Green Living Guide – a review

Green Living Guide

The title is pretty much self-explanatory but in short it’s a magbook bursting with information and guidance on how to achieve a greener lifestyle, the emphasis being on individual responsibility rather than action from the politicians.  In other words, what we can do as individuals while our world leaders huff, puff and procrastinate.

I can’t recommend this magbook enough.  It’s an excellent and well-presented guide for anyone new to green living but it’s a handy source for anyone, even the seasoned greens (sorry).  I like to think of myself as being green-aware but I found it informative and enlightening.  For instance, I didn’t know that by law, councils have to provide an allotment to any group of six or more adults if they request one.  They just have to be registered on the electoral roll.  So, tomorrow I have a quest.  I’m going to coerce some of my friends, get an allotment gang going and then I’m going to knock on the doors of one or two of my friendly local councilors.

Anyway, the magbook – it’s not pushy and it’s not gimmicky.  But it is inspiring, encouraging and very user-friendly.  Each chapter contains useful advice on how we can achieve a more Earth-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.  And for those of us on a tight budget (and let’s face it, who isn’t on a budget these days?), it’s full of money-saving tips and advice.  In fact, it makes economic sense to go green.

An important aspect of Green Living Guide for me is the compassion.  Folks, you know me – anyone quietly fighting in the corner of social justice, animal rights and such-like gets my approval and this mag-book has all that.  There’s a section on shopping with a responsible social conscience and it lists the CIWF Compassionate Supermarket Award winners.  It talks about animal welfare with advice on how to buy food ethically and be aware of where and how it’s sourced etc.  It also talks about the advantages of eating less meat and provides some cheap and easy recipes.  And . . . it gets better.  Having a life-long ambition to grow my own vegetables, I loved the section entitled Grow Your Own.  Oh, and the Eco-Chic bit is rather brilliant too.

The great thing about this mag-book is that the writers have done the research for us so it really couldn’t be easier:

  • Chapter 1 – Home & Garden
  • Chapter 2 – Family & Children
  • Chapter 3 – Food & Drink
  • Chapter 4 – Work & Office
  • Chapter 5 – Transport & Motoring
  • Chapter 6 – Fashion & Beauty

I can’t think of an area of our lives that it hasn’t covered.  With its many features and products/services advice, Green Living Guide is an invaluable resource book that should be kept to hand as a constant source of reference.  From a personal perspective, it’s certainly made it easier for me to manage my own environmental footprint.

Retailing at £7.99, the initial cost seems a touch pricey but when you consider how much you could save by implementing just some of the ideas, it could turn out to be a worthwhile investment.  You can buy it online at and it’s also available on the magazine stands in WH Smith.


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  2. You’ve convinced, me, Earthpal. I’ll be trying to get a copy for me.


  3. Well if you do manage to get a copy Jose, I’m sure you’ll find it useful.


  4. I tried to find this online, as I was interested in advertsing our eco friendly website . Couldn’t track it it down though…


  5. The link should take you to the website where you can purchase the magbook.

    Ecoboom – an excellent website. I will add it to my links.


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