“Better with Friends”

I’ve just finished reading Helen‘s wonderful poetry book entitled Better With Friends.  Poetry is subjective but even the toughest person couldn’t fail to be moved by such a collection of moving and thought-provoking poems.

Helen writes beautifully and has an ability to interpret the world in a lyrical and compassionate way and although her Christian spirituality often comes through in through her writing, it’s not preachy or self-righteous.  It’s gentle, tender and unintrusive.

Having a ballet-dancing daughter, one of my favourite poems is Rookie at the Barre but all the poems included in the book stir my emotions in one way or another and it’s hard to choose a favourite.  Another one that stands out is Eulogising Rosa, a poem about Rosa Parks – the woman who dared to defy racism.  There’s also Then I Wander and Charmed by the Music, both wonderful.  Then there’s Where the Reverie is Apt to Lead which is in my view, quite simply stunning.

A wonderful book.  I am cherishing my signed copy.  Thanks Helen.


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  1. Thanks you, Earthpal. I’ll post some links to this review.


  2. […] My blog buddy EarthPal—and yes, she has a name—just posted a review of Better With Friends. […]


  3. I’ve discovered poetry in my late years, the French poetry though, and I’ll take steps to get to know the English one. A good start could be “Better with friends” – a suggestive title indeed.

    Thank you, Earthpal, for sharing.


  4. You’re welcome Helen. I enjoyed writing it.

    Jose, I love poetry. There are some very moving anti-war poems that always stir my senses. My children have lots of poetry books and we’ve had many happy bedtimes reading to each other from them.

    I don’t think I know much French poetry but I know of one beautiful and dramatic French poem by Victor Hugo called A Sunset. Lovely.


  5. […] EarthPal (December 18, 2009) […]


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