White as Snow

Well.  Another Yuletide came and went.  Another Winter solstice, been and gone. All that seasonal goodwill, just about used up and spent.  Oh, and whoopy-do, another  election campaign is off the ground.

I’ve taken down the decorations and put away two weeks of self-indulgence and merry-making for another year .  I’ve done all my end of year reflecting and I’ve made (and broken) most of my New Year resolutions.

But come on folks, the hot topic of the moment is not about how or who we shared our seasonal comfort and joy with, is it.  It’s all about the weather innit.  And for as much as this weather is obstructing our daily routines and making life hard for most of us, it has to be said, the outside does look delighfully pretty.

That’s all well and good if you can cry off work and make the most of the fluffy white stuff but I had to get into work today, no matter what.  (It’s days like this when you dearly wish you’d trained as a teacher).  So this morning while I was preparing for my polar expedition, my kids were running around with the radio stuck to their ears, waiting for the all-important official school-closure announcement.  And within minus-three-seconds of hearing said all-important, official school closure announcement they were wrapped up, out the front door and pelting super-sonic snowballs at my quivering windows.

No such luck for yours truly.  No.  Like I said, me being a healthcare worker and being a cat’s whisker away from escaping the discriminatory, prejudiced and downright cruel four mile rule  (ie if you’re a front-line worker and you live within four miles of the hospital, you must get yourself to work, hurricanes, nuclear explosions and several-hundred armageddons notwithstanding), I had to get into work, even if it meant getting the old tennis racquets out and tying them to my boots.

Anyway, it’s just as well that I’m a seasoned hill walker because the walk back home from work was a doddle.  In fact, it was jolly good fun.  And so bright.  In days gone by,  when humankind believed in Earthy magick and mystery, people would celebrate Yuletide as the  returning of the light.  Well there’s lots of light.  Bright, white light.  I saw it in it’s glory and it was really pretty.   I took some pics with my mobile phone while walking through the woods on my way home.   It was about as enchanting as it gets and the pictures don’t do it justice.

Anyhoo, as we sit out the cold weather and await the big thaw, the burst pipes and the floods, I’m asking, pleading for this new decade to bring about the healing of our Earth.  Here’s to benevolence and balance, to compassion and justice.  Here’s to the light – the bright light awakening our desire for peace.

Happy New Year folks and brightest blessings for a healthy, happy life in harmony with our wonderful

Mother Earth.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Wonderful mother Earth and wonderful Earthpal who so accurately describes it and defends it. I’ve always pitied your profession because of the hardships you have to meet while at work, but this aspect you show of your environment in these moments makes it harder if possible.

    Bravo, Earthpal, keep being yourself for the benefit of all of us.

    My very best wishes for the New Year and I second your hopes in your post.


  2. Thank you Jose, kind sir. You are so lovely..

    I do agree with the four mile raduis rule thing really. The hospitals need to keep running as do the other essential services. It’s difficult for those who have to travel further but it’s amazing how many local people just won’t make the effort to walk when the driving conditions are bad. I’ve walked to work all week and it’s no real hardship. It’s difficult when my boy is at school because his breakfast club starts too late for me to get him there and then myself to work on time but with school being closed, it’s not been a problem.

    On my way to work this week, I’ve seen so many cars slip-sliding and skating about the roads. I’ve also seen a fair few cars wrapped around lamposts or stuck in hedges too. I just don’t think it’s worth it.


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