I’ve banged on about the issue of locking up children of asylum-seekers since this blog began and I make no apologies for doing it again.

Outcry is a campaign which aims to end the immigrant detention of children.  The UK is the only country in Europe that locks up innocent children of asylum seekers and it’s to our utter shame that we allow it to go on.  Every year our Border Agency detains over 1000 children of asylum-seekers, often for longer than the lawful time limit.  Asylum-seekers with children rarely abscond yet our government feels that they need to be locked up indefinitely, without ever having committed a crime.

Why do we lock up these people who are seeking our help?  Our gutless politicians are clearly pandering to the unelected tabloids and the hysterical xenophobes but why do they get away with it?  Where’s the outrage?  There’s no outrage because whenever the word immigration comes up people are either oblivious to the facts of what actually goes on or are, sadly, immediately judgemental, distrustful and intolerant.  And often full of hatred.

Detention of children without charge is about as immoral as it gets and it’s a gross failing of this country that it goes on here.

There’s a Downing Street petition here and more info here.

Every year the UK immigration system locks up 1,000 children. Detention is damaging, expensive and unnecessary. We want to live in more humane and compassionate society. We believe detaining children is immoral and unacceptable. Do you?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Indeed, Earthpal. The strong show that they are strong by being merciful. What we spend in detentions should be dedicated to education, and then we would have no future problems


    • So true Jose. It’s astonishing to see what ridiculous policies our public money is used for when there are so many other worthwhile causes that need it.


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