Some things I boycott and why

Coca-cola: Apart from it being a very unhealthy drink that totally rots your pearly whites  (yes even diet coke), the company also partakes of some crafty activity of a socially irresponsible nature pertaining to India’s water supplies, which results in inconveniences such as pollution, water shortages and toxic waste.  And did you know that in 2004 coca-cola used 283 billion litres of water to make its product?  When you consider the many millions of people who can barely find enough water to get them through a single day, for a company to have the freedom to take so much of this dear Earth’s water in order to produce a crap product and then sell it on to the Western world in tin cans has got to be an unbeatably gross injustice.  And by the way, to add insult to human injury, they waste two thirds of the water they take.

Caterpillar: Caterpillar sell bulldozers to Israel who then use said bulldozers to trample all over the homes of Palestinians.  I know my boycott won’t be very effective seeing as I’m not likely to ever buy or even hire one of their bulldozers but I can boycott them symbolically, as a gesture of support towards the Palestinians who are being entirely and brutally settled upon by the Israeli’s without so much as an excuse me please, may we join you? The lovely, courageous Rachel Corrie was killed in Gaza eight years ago by an Israeli army Caterpillar bulldozer while trying to defend the Palestinians whose homes were being destroyed by the Israeli settlers.

Harrods:  Again a symbolic gesture in that they won’t miss me much because I’ve hardly been a devout customer having only ever been there twice with my parents when I was a young girl.  My dad paid a silly amount of money for a teddy bear that I begged for one Christmas and I lost it on the beach in Wales the following Summer.  I was gutted.  My dad was furious.  Well the Harrods teddy line may be sweet and cuddly and harmless but their real fur collection is built on cruelty and exploitation.  Harrods is the only department store in Britain that still stocks fur products.  Many thousands of animals are tortured and killed in order to supply Harrods with its fur products.  The animal rights issue is seen as a mis-prioritisation by some people who believe it’s impossible to care about human rights and animal rights but the way I see it, exploiting animals for reasons of vanity and cosmetics is wrong and will always be wrong. And gasp! Yes, I care about humans too.

Bluefin tuna:  Bluefin tuna is critically endangered on account of our overfishing.  There’s a global call to have the sale of bluefin banned and predictably, Japan is going to ignore it, saying it would “hunt as a matter of principle” Japan will blatantly disregard the most endangered label. It’s not the hunting I’m against.  As a species, humans have to eat too.  But we have to use sustainable methods.  Humans are the only species that takes more they need to survive and in doing so, we disharmonise the whole food chain thus disenfranchising other species and pushing them into extinction.  And in any case, it’s not for survival.  It’s for profit.

Zoos/Marine Parks: A trainer was killed recently by an Orca whale while performing circus acts.  I’m genuinely sympathetic towards the trainer and her loved ones but really, think about it, huge killer whales in goldfish bowls, captive, having to perform circus tricks daily for their supper.  It’s not hard.  Same can be said for zoo animals.

That’s it for now.   Tune in next week to see the top 100 greatest corporate swindles.  If I can be bothered.


3 responses to this post.

  1. As couldn’t be otherwise, I join you in your campaign, and would add that those products made in Israel are also included in my list


  2. Yes, good point Jose. I’ll have to do some research to see what goods Israel produces. I always avoid their fruit and veg but there could be more that I’m not aware of.


  3. Posted by Shinara on July 25, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    The Palestinians aren’t as inocent as you think,if Israel did cause starvation then what about the high obesity rates in Palestine ? :

    If they weren’t aloud building materiels then what about the flash mall they built in 2010 ?
    Red cross agents have even said that there is no humanitarian crisis,yet the Palestinians still get the most AID than any where else.

    Just google no humanitarian crisis in Gaza and note all the results.

    BTW I’m neither Jewish nor Israeli,just a ravid supporter of Israel.


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