Heaven help me

Oh my goodness!  Ye great gods of fanatically devoted women, come and save me.  I’m beside myself with hysterical anticipation and I cannot calm my nerves.  All I can say is watch The Jonathon Ross Show tonight.   To think I was about to switch off and go to bed.  I’ve been growing weary of Jonathon Ross lately but tonight I love him because of his star guest.

Folks, my boyfriend is in town.  Well at least he would be my boyfriend if he knew I existed.  For sure, he wouldn’t look twice at that French singer person who is only remembered for her one-hit wonder which involved a taxi-drivers named Joe and a cringingly cheesy video

Johnny Depp’s the name for you unenlightened ones.


Do Not Disturb.


I hate Jonathon Ross.  He’s a total twit.  He asked my guy the most stupid of  questions and completely failed to pay due homage to him.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m sorry I can’t oblige, Earthpal. Enjoy the programme.


  2. Thanks Jose. Hehe.


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