Uganda’s Proposed Hate Law

I’ve got my campaign hat on and this time it’s in support of Avaaz and their movement to stop Uganda’s anti-gay law from becoming a reality.  The proposed legislation will result in gays being sentenced to life imprisonment or even the death penalty and you don’t need me to explain what a ludicrous human rights violation this is.  But it goes further .  . . the law would see to it that friends of gays and lesbians would be imprisoned too.  And NGO’s working to prevent the spread of HIV could also find themselves locked up for promoting homosexuality.

Of course some people on the Christian right think this is a good law as part of Uganda’s emerging Christian culture against a gay movement that wants to take over the world.  A real Jesus fan isn’t he!  He got me here . . . Many Ugandans are shocked at the reaction to this bill and the extent to which homosexual activists can intimidate everyone to silence,”

Just fancy that, those selfish gay activists trying to bully the world into not wanting them to be killed.

He goes on to imply that the gay lobby is over-reacting to the proposed legislation, arguing that the proposed law is simply an effort to “discourage homosexuality”.

So, basically he thinks there’s nothing extreme about a simple law that states that if you commit a gay act once, you get a life sentence and if you do it more than once, you’re a serial homo and you get the death penalty.  His efforts to simplify such a blatant hate law is quite astonishing and utterly anti-Christian.  What would Jesus do?

You can sign the petition here and you can donate money to support their campaign here.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Well done EP, I had no idea this was happening, there is something going seriously wrong with the world. Christianity clearly needs leadership to stop this sort of dreadful thing being done in its name.

    It’s just so very sad.

    That’s my Friday evening ruined


  2. Zeddie! Hi. Lovely to hear from you. I’ve just been catching up with your wonderful blog.

    Sorry to ruin your Friday. It is discomfiting news. T’is a crazy, mad fooking world for sure.


  3. Are Ugandans never going to stop having bigots and sadists at their lead? It was Idi Amin many years ago who ate his countrymen as he pleased, it is now others that do not eat human flesh but act in a similar way as Amin did.

    And why has it to be Christians – a religion that preaches mercy and love – that must do it? Is sanity leaving Christians?


  4. Good morning Jose,

    The Christian right are about as fundamental as it gets. It’s amazing how they disregard much of what Jesus said and then put words into his mouth to fit their own warped agenda.

    The worrying thing is that if Uganda actually passes this law, how many other African countries will follow?


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