Of the BNP and its nasty supporters

It’s fantastic news that the little British boy has been safely reunited with his family but I was disgusted when I stumbled across a nasty little band of bigots who don’t share that joy.  They call themselves the Green Arrow and Friends and their tag-line is “the purpose of this site is to support the BNP”. And unsurprisingly, they don’t share the relief of little Sahil’s safety.  No, aside from the usual cynicism about the little boy’s ‘Britishness’ and silly remarks about it all being a scam, they have stooped to new lows by suggesting, albeit jestingly, that if a ransom was paid, they should set up a fundraising campaign to double the ransom and pay the kidnappers to keep him.   Sick bastards.

If anyone stumps up the money,then lets get a fund organised,pay the kidnappers double to keep him.

I was so dismayed and disgusted by their comments that I sent an email to Nick Griffin’s website asking them if they were aware that they were being supported by the likes of Green Arrow and Friends and would they like to disassociate themselves from them in light of such callousness.  I received  a short reply . . .

We are in no way connected with the Green Arrow or it’s forum for reasons such as the one you high lighted to us. The kidnapping of Sahil Saeed must have been very traumatic for him and his parents and we are happy for his safe return. We regard these views as very childish and disrespectful.

Well that all sounds polite, compassionate even but if you take into account their actual policies on asylum-seekers, immigrants etc. then actually, it’s bullshit.  They would forcefully . . ahem sorry . .  voluntarily repatriate families like the Saeeds or failing that, they would make them live as second-class citizens in Britain.  They say voluntary repatriation but realistically, the only way they could achieve their desired pre-1948 ethnic minority levels would be to forcefully remove them and how the hell could they do that?  Stuff them all onto overcrowded trains and ships like the Nazi’s did with the Jewish people?

The Green Arrow and Friends website is campaigning for the BNP in the 2010 election and they are urging people to join the BNP and vote for them.  It is run by BNP fanatics and you can be sure that members of The Green Arrow and Friends will also be members of the BNP.

Let’s face it, The Green Arrow and Friends (whose whole purpose is to support the BNP remember), is a far-right group and the extremist views of the writers/readers there is typical of the mindset of many BNP members.

The BNP might dissasociate themselves (in words at least) from this group but very clearly, these are the kind of extremist people they are attracting to their extremist party.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Let’s suppose an Afro/Pakistani/Indian/etc-British leader emerged and were elected to the highest post in Britain – below the queen of course – American-wise. Would there be a civil war as a consequence?
    I cannot imagine this situation would go safely on.


  2. Well Jose, I shudder to think of how some of the white supremacists in our society would react. Thank goodness they are a minority.


  3. Hear, hear. The polite response you got from the BNP interested me, I always thought UKIP was the polite version of racism in this country. It worries me that they attempt to sound ‘mainstream’ and I suspect we should all remain vigilant in the face of ‘charm offensives’ – part of every successful dictatorship’s rise to power.


  4. Thanks Goo. Yes the BNP have worked hard to dress up their nasty image. And to some degree they’ve been successful which, as you said, is worrisome.


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