Earth Hour 2010:27th March 8.30pm

Less than one week to go now actually.  Time to sign up again if you’re up for it and can stand a whole hour without your comforts and your TV’s and all your other gadgets – a huge challenge for some I imagine but it’s only an hour so it’s not that much of a hardship.  Just look at it as the hour you’re going to lose when we put the clocks forward.  Yes, I know that doesn’t add up but don’t let the pesky details deter you.

One hour isn’t going to solve the climate problem and some would argue that it’s nothing more than a gimmick, but it will raise awareness and perhaps it will encourage us to have more lights out hours.

As individuals, it will take no effort.  It could be fun.  We usually light some candles, get out the nibbles and play board games on the floor.  But please, no Monopoly.


4 responses to this post.

  1. One hour is so an insignificant time in our lives! Who can say they can’t do it, unless force-majeure restrictions impose a different attitude?

    Let’s leave it clear to those who can amend things what our real position is about life in common and how important the good of others and ourselves now and in the future is.

    Brace yourselves and sit at the table to celebrate with candles and the taste of a good red wine.

    It is so easy!


  2. Well said Jose. I’m looking forward to it. Might make a full evening of it. If my kids can stand it with no TV. Lol.


  3. Save the planet – go green living… support Earth Hour


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