Earth Hour Hit-Back

Well I was going to write a light-hearted post about what we got up to in last nights Earth Hour but I made the mistake of reading a few blogs first and I came across quite a lot of piss-taking comments aimed at those who partook of the Earth Hour movement.  And, being the touchy gal that I am, yep, my back is well and truly up.  I am on the defensive.

So, let’s get something straight to those who don’t/can’t/refuse to get it.  Nobody ever claimed that Earth Hour will save the planet.  Earth Hour is an idea, a largely symbolic gesture that we can involve ourselves with or we can choose-to-ignore.  It’s not a pious, holier-than-thou, act of self-righteous eco-wackery or guilt.  It’s an exercise in raising awareness.  It gives people an outlet to show they care, demonstrate their climate concerns and send a signal to our Dark Masters.   So they don’t listen!  Ok.  It will be my pleasure to keep nagging them anyway.

It also (and very successfully I might smugfully add) makes people think about all the electricity that is being used every second of the day and night on non-essential services.  You only need to check out the dip that occurs at Earth Hour to realise how much of it we use but don’t actually need.

It’s about supporting a global sustainability movement and I did it because I bloody-well wanted to.   I didn’t try to coerce anyone else into taking part and I certainly didn’t ridicule anyone for not taking part.  Hell, if that was the case I would still be carrying-out my ridiculery at next year’s Earth Hour, let alone this year’s!


Meaningless gesture?  Maybe . . . for some.

Pointless?  Sure . . .  if you don’t get it.

So just as I have respected those of you who fall in the meaningless and pointless camp, it would be good if you stopped taking the piss out of those who do see the point and perhaps focus your antagonism on issues that are more deserved.

Thank you in haughty ungraciousness – and a muchly toned-down post


2 responses to this post.

  1. I don’t know what has happened to you, but I know what I can say in reaction to your post: I totally agree with what you say. There are still people around that are spoiling what others with goodwill do. They are really accountable for something that doesn’t come to be, as accountable as are the Power Corps and others up there who are tearing Nature to tatters.

    Shame on them, because they, who are among us, are more blameable than those who aren’t.


  2. Thanks for your support Jose, it’s valued. I might be over-sensitive but I get so fed up of the climate cynics derided our efforts.


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