On Voting

My father-in-law said that for the first time in his voting life, he is seriously thinking of not voting in this General Election.  Well I can certainly empathise with that attitude and I’m sure he’s one of many but as jaded as I am myself, I still feel the urge to have my say.

Being a bit of a Militant Millie and a true Union gal, I used to vote Labour, unquestioningly, until Tony Bliar did those things that he did and New Labour became the Toffless Tories.  Since then I’ve been a loyal Green party voter and I have never regretted the move.

Anyway, for those of us who don’t know which way to go (and understandably, you’re not alone) there’s a website called Vote For Policies where you can read and compare various policies belonging to six unnamed UK political parties on a range of issues.  You choose which policies best fit your own values and beliefs and, based on your results, the site tells you which political party you should be voting for.  It’s a good set-up that allows people to make informed decisions based on policies rather than personalities.  I know history proves to us time and again that what they say and what they do are often universally different and I’ve been through enough governments to become totally disallusioned but I took the survey anyway and predictably it told me I should be voting for the Green party.  No surprises there but when I read the individual results I was gob-smacked.

The four issues I picked were education, environment, welfare and NHS.  I read the policies, made my choices and my results were:

Education – Green party

Welfare – Green party

NHS – Green party


wait for it

Environment – Lib Dems

Bloody hell folks.  What happened there?  I mean I’m not concerned about only being 75% Green.  That’s healthy enough.  Better that than being blindingly partisan.  But I’m shocked that the bit where I’m not Green is the environment.  Either their polices are very similar or I clicked the wrong policy by mistake.

I’m off to do another one.


4 responses to this post.

  1. No time for me now to make an election. I’ll do later in the day, but I’ve always appreciated your good judgement and wisdom, Earthpal. As tho the Greens, perhaps they have taken it for granted that they will try and improve all laws having to do with environment. After all this should be their main aim in politics.


  2. Yes the survey is interesting but it takes a bit of time to read through all the policies. Thanks Jose for your kindness.


  3. I’m really going to have to stop coming here you keep sending me on such interesting trails I’m getting nothing done! My results were totally green, I found myself wavering most on health and welfare issues and had to look up all the extra policies before making final decisions so I guess I’m not totally died-in-the-wool green, and I might yet still vote tactically as opposed to idealistically. At the point of visiting the majority of people taking the survey appear to be heading Green – it would be nice if this reflected real voter behaviour! Or does this mean Greenies waste too much time in front of computers?

    Thanks for the link!


  4. Hi Goo, sorry to keep you so busy but thanks for visiting. Lol. Yes, I had to look up the extra policies on a lot of them too before I could decide.

    And I was wondering about the green majority on the survey too. Perhaps it’s being circulated mostly among greenie -types. But hey, you never know, maybe voters are beginning to see the Greens as a real and solid alternative. Hope so. They’ve got my vote in the bag anyway.


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