On Self-defence and Free Festivals

I’m not sure what kind of message are we sending to people when we allow police officers to assault members of the public and get away with it. The judge said that it was up to the prosecution to prove this defendant was not acting in lawful self-defence.  The prosecution has failed in this respect . . .

Well I don’t know what you think but it doesn’t surprise me that the prosecution failed to succeed in prosecuting one of their own given that if they’d succeeded, the proverbial floodgates might have opened.

Did anyone see the haematomas on that woman’s leg caused by the policeman’s baton?  That must have hurt.  Apparently, the six-foot burly officer was threatened by her because she was carrying a deadly weapon loaded with orange juice and only had seven seconds to act.  So the tiny little lady got it on the back of the leg.  Whack!  And she also got a slap across the face and was pushed back but let’s not make such a fuss because it was all proportionate and she was just a mouthy hippy greenie anyway so we really should stop bothering those busy police officers with our pesky rights and opinions . . . and fruit juice cartons.

So folks, be careful at any public event because chances are, if a copper doesn’t like the way you’re talking to him, expect a limb or two to be on the receiving end of an almighty whack

Top and bottom is, he lost it.  He panicked and lost his temper.  He’s human.  We all know that.  But it’s got to be a cause for concern when we can’t trust our police-officers to control their nerves or their tempers at public gatherings.

Of curse, if police had their way, all public gatherings will be banned.  They’ve already used their discretionary powers to stop the Strawberry Fair festival from taking place this Summer. There is an article here but to summarise, the festival had been granted a license but the sulky police went to the courts and the judge said a decision would be made just weeks before the event was due to take place making it impossible for organisers to go ahead with their plans because they didn’t want to risk a last-minute refusal due to the costs etc. .  Strawberry Fair is an entirely voluntary, not-for-profit event and the police had no problems with it taking place until the organisers, in a spirit of it being a free public festival, decided not to pay them their demanded protection racket fee.  So, in spite of the democratically elected council granting permission, the unelected police force pouted and took it to the magistrates who all but crushed it.

If they continue to abuse their powers they can expect the public to lose trust in them.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’d say the governments’ repeated announcements about terrorism have upset more the law officers than people themselves. The police is showing that they are frightened of terrorism, but if you look at the people they are showing signs of not worrying much about it.

    Bush, Blair et al cannot in their consciences realise how much damage they have made with their politics, nor can those who rule us at present and who carry on with those politics.

    By the way, has anybody any sniff of where Bin Laden is? Because at this stage he has become little less than a mere reminiscence in all this brouhaha.

    Little ladies frightening burly policemen, brrr…


  2. Well said Jose. The terrorism laws are open to abuse and the police are taking every advantage. It’s not good. They get away with too much already. The terrorism acts have done very little to protect us and much to undermine our civil rights.


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