Gotcha! Yes you did

I thought it was laugh out loud funny when I saw the Tories own goal ad campaign that featured Gordon Brown’s face in their poster ads but when I saw what Labour’s campaign posters would possibly look like in todays Guardian I was stuck for words.  A rarity I know but all I could do was shake my head into a stunned silence.  Words failed me.  Then they came back to me, thick and fast.  I thought what the hell is that about – Vote Labour – or else.   Do they really think the public will appreciate threatening tones like that.  I know what they’re saying, they’re saying vote Labour or put up with the consequences of a Tory government and I agree that a Tory government is a frightening thought but still it will get backs up.

And – Step outside posh boy???  Sorry?  If I wanted to hear teenage-style testosterone-charged macho language, I’d stand outside the local high school and watch the kids meeting at the gates for their daily punch-fest.  Lordy me.

I thought to myself, this aggressive stance, it will be a Labour own goal.  It was only weeks ago that Gordon Brown was defending himself against accusations of bullying so how foolish to want to promote such a hard-boy image.

Then, as I read through the accompanying article, I began to feel very foolish and silly.  I began to suspect a hoax.  And hallelujah, the lights came.  It took a while because I’m dim like that but I slowly realised . . . it’s April Fools Day.  Hahaha. You almost had me there, Auntie Guardian.  Very clever.

Really and truly though, I am dreading this election.  Nothing good is going to come out of it.  In 1997, after eighteen or so dreadful years of a Tory government, there was a huge swell of optimism and the country was euphoric when Labour succeeded. Sure they let us down badly since then, mostly due to Iraq, but at least there was clear definition between the two main parties. And there was hope. Now there’s nothing.  The best I can personally look forward to is seeing a desperately-needed Green MP in Westminster.

Well we’re stuck with it so I’m off in vengeance to partake of some merry April Fool Mischief-making myself.



4 responses to this post.

  1. Pathetic, isn’t it?, jokes with the future of Britain shouldn’t be used. Not everybody is so sharp as you are, Earthpal.


  2. Well Jose, I’ve been reading some of the comments and it fooled some people for sure. It was just for fun but I agree that some things are just not funny and the state of our political system is definitely one of them.


  3. I fell for it. As usual.


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