Empty skies and an offshore wind farm

Poignant don’t you think that environmentalists have been fighting for years to have most flights grounded and in the wink of an eye . . . or the splutter of a volcano,  the lovely planet has took it upon her good self to ground them without our help.  Well of course it’s not really the Earth fighting back but let’s face it, she’d be doomed if she waited for humans to stop their procrastinating and take drastic action.

Flippancy aside (and I hear you shouting well what about the emissions from the volcano so to save my precious time, just read here), I can see how it’s caused much distress and disruption and I feel genuinely sorry for some of those affected.  I’ll admit that Paddy’s take on the natural occurrence had me laughing out loud (even his title is clever and makes my one here look stupid in comparison) but the situation itself is serious . . . on many levels . . . and although I don’t rejoice in the grounded flights, I can’t resist pointing out that it may serve to act as a taster of how the world will be if we fail to find renewable alternatives in time.  In this globalised world, perhaps it will become clearer as to just how much we have come to rely on air travel for our food imports and maybe we will realise that our globalised system is not as sustainable as we’d like it to be.   Something to think about anyway.

Speaking of renewables, here are some more pictures of Thanet offshore wind farm where my husband is currently working.  It’s set to be the worlds largest offshore wind farm and should, once it’s up and running, significantly help the government to reach its renewable energy targets.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Cool! Wind turbines are the shit.


  2. Some interested parties are commenting now that the prohibition of flights over these days was a “too conscious” measure by European governments. I wonder whether these interested parties have also heard what happened to an American air fighter which got particles in its jets that compelled it to land immediately. Air Lines, as coudn’t be otherwise with these ultra-Capitalists, would have preferred putting people and aircraft at risk (remember they are paying Insurance premiums for all of them) than stopping the flow of income into their coffers.


  3. That’s right Jose.

    Nothing would get me on an aeroplane until we had absolute assurance from the experts that everything was safe.


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