On Voting

Because of the ridiculous voting system we have in place in Britain, I can’t vote for the Green party at the general election because the ward that I come under doesn’t have a Green candidate.

I don’t believe in voting tactically but the voting system such as it is, is forcing me to.  Seeing as we are going to have a government without a majority,  electoral reform is a key issue at these elections.  I’ve been looking at my voting choices and in the parliamentary elections there are have eight candidates standing in my constituency:

Labour: I played about with the idea of voting Labour, you know, under the dire circumstance and all and I absolutely acknowledge that they’ve done some really good and positive things that have been beneficial to many of us.  But –  so – many – disappointments.  Their loony loyalty towards Trident bewilders me, their attack on our civil liberties pees me off, their support for torture angers me and Iraq remains forever unforgivable.  And I think Gordon Brown is being dishonest about much-needed electoral reform.

Lib Dems: I’ve given this party a lot of thought lately too.  They have good green policies and a decent  social conscience.  They’ve also been promising us electoral reform for years but I worry that if they do become one of the main parties, they will renege on those promises because lets face it, as a main party, they will benefit  more from the current system . . . or the AV (Alternative Vote) which they’ve hinted at, both of which favour big parties.

Conservative: a couple of doorstep visits and lots of glossy leaflets but despite the dedicated efforts they are putting in, none of it detracts from the inevitability of social injustice and inequality under a Tory government.  A Tory Britain would be a – very – bad – thing.  And what’s more, a vote for the Conservatives is a vote for Rupert (flip-flop) Murdoch and who wants his biased empire influencing UK policy.  He owns enough souls already.

Impact party: no idea who these guys are or what they pledge to do so they have no chance with me.

Independent: ditto the above.

National Front: I’ve no desire to elaborate on this one.

English Democratic Party: had no visits nor any leaflets from these people so I don’t know anything about them but the clue is in their tag-line – Putting England First – so I’m guessing that they fall somewhere between Ukip and the BNP.

Ukip: well apart from being a single-issue party with silly Xenophobic ideas and undercover racism, I just wouldn’t be able to tolerate irritating laughing boy Nigel Farage.  I mean, it’s bad enough having to put up with him on Have I Got News For You and Question Time.

So.  Not looking good is it.  On May the 6th there’s no way we are going to have a majority government.  We certainly won’t see a truly  representative Parliament but we never do.

Yes folks, reality bites and it’s looking more and more likely that the Tories will win and in a few days time, to use Zhisou’s superb description . . .

it’s looking ever more likely that the inflatable slimy bandwagon-jumping salesman that is David Cameron, will be the next PM.

Basically, I have no idea who to vote for.  And the outlook is bleak.


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  1. Posted by ders on May 4, 2010 at 9:30 am

    Vote BNP. LOL
    Not long now before nothing changes.


  2. Posted by ders on May 4, 2010 at 10:07 am

    I bet you go Lib Dem, with that choice it would have to be UKIP or NF for me, i hate (not a word i use lightly) the 3 mainstream parties so much, thankfully we have the BNP to vote for in this area.
    How do you think the Greens will do this time around? Brighton should bring good news for you.
    Anyway, nothing will change, they will listen but still never hear, not until it’s to late for them. History shows us this, i don’t see a good time coming. I see collapse in the next 4 years.


    • Hi Ders, hope you are well. Nope, the BNP will not get my vote. Lol.


    • Yes I think you may be right with the Lib Dems. But sure, like I said, it’s looking bleak.

      The NF are probably even more dreadful than the BNP but safer in that they are no real threat whereas the BNP have succeeded to some extent in putting forward a more acceptable image. Still, they don’t worry me. 🙂


  3. Perhaps it would be a good idea voting Clegg and make it possible for a coalition government with Labour.


  4. Hi Jose, yes, I think the Lib Dems are my best option. I really wanted a Green candidate to stand again but hey ho. Maybe next time I should stand myself for the Greens huh? Lol.


  5. Posted by ders on May 13, 2010 at 1:35 am

    2 Blairs running the country………… Great.

    Iran next.


  6. Yes, two smooth-talking, privileged white Oxford males running the country. How much more out of touch does it get.


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