Peter Kay . . .

. .  best thing since garlic bread.

Ok, so the garlic bread thing is tired but I couldn’t resist.  I went to see Peter Kay at the MEN arena last night and my face is still aching this morning.

Everyone was saying, pre-tour, that if he uses he same old garlic bread/big light jokes then he’ll fail.  Well he did revive the garlic bread joke but only to reflect on how it’s become stuck to him and that he gets free garlic bread every time he enters an Italian restaurant.  Basically, he worked it in well but sure, he has moved along and written fresh stuff to reflect new household-technology, lifestyles and suchlike.  For instance, he still affectionately uses his family for his material but now his Nan has Th’iPod, watches FaceTube and thinks that Abattoir film looks good.  And his rant about recycling is hilariously close to home and had me screeching with laughter.

Oh there’s just loads and loads I could comment on but it’s never funny in the telling so to cut it short, his ability to make everyday life funny and self-relating is as brilliant as it ever was and his delivery is perfect.  Quite simply, he rocked the house.   The whole show was superb from start to finish – with a gob-smackingly fantastic finale.

Peter Kay is a genuinely warm, down-to-earth, funny man with a small ego and a precious gift of being able to make people laugh.  And as the show ended and we all moved out of the arena the world just seemed a better place.

And anyone who can make you feel like that has just got to be special.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Your description of ordinary life in Britain makes me yearn to re-visit, something that I find now as impossible. Who knows, perhaps some time in the near future will permit me to do it.

    Thank you, Earthpal.


  2. Bless you Jose. It would be lovely if you came over for a visit. It’s very cold here at the moment though. Lol.


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