I’m trying to be grown up about it, I really am but I’m actually feeling physically sick at the sight of the new couple.  After all those debates and the bitching about each other, we’re now expected to believe they are the best of friends.  Hell they’ve spun it into something they actually always wanted . . . almost planned for even.

I want to be mature and philosophical about it but I just can’t help wanting to throw up copious amounts of bile when I see them on TV holding hands and exchanging glances.  It just seems wrong and I have to slap my face hard to stop myself from wanting it all to fail.

I know we have to look beyond all that and think of the needs of the country blah, blah but try as I might, I can’t find much to be optimistic about.  I can’t help thinking that the Tories, before long, will dominate or ignore the LibDems (are they still calling themselves LibDems btw?) and will push through with their own policies.  They will pay lip-service to the Lib Dems political requests and will pretend to look into them then they will do what they want.  Remember, the Tories didn’t have a mandate to govern but because of this partnership, they’ll do it anyway.

Also, how is it right that both parties can play cards with their pre-election pledges that they made to gain our votes?  Pledges that people based their votes on?  Why are they allowed to agree to give up certain key policies that they campaigned on and on which people based their choices when they cast their vote?  Oh how easily they can they scrap key pledges for a seat at the power-table.  Mis-sold is the word that comes to mind.  And how the hell does Cleggy get to be deputy Prime Minister?  What the feck is going on?  His party won the least votes out of the main three and he is allowed such huge influence.

I just can’t see this as a good thing.  I always believed that the Lib Dems were a compassionate party with a healthy and diverse bag of caring policies and I just can’t accept that they jumped so easily into bed with the Tories – a political party renowned for it’s elitist self-interest, privilege and scant regard for the poor and the vulnerable.

No, my gut feeling is . . . to throw up.


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  1. Posted by ders on May 13, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    Both from banking families, one way or another, both attend Bilderberg meetings, both puppets of the globalist elite. 2 Blairs. It doesn’t matter if we get Cameron on his own or with Clegg or Milliband(Bilderberg choice) or any mix of the three, we still get the same masters.
    I would NEVER vote for the mainstream. Banks, oil and big bussiness, evil globalist scum.
    Give me sunshine in your smile, give me laughter all the while………………. not with these two, but i did think when they walked off it would start playing and they would do the hand to heel to head thing.
    I do wish you wouldn’t get your hopes up on these pratts, you did the same with Obama. Puppet.


  2. Well, the time has come when all politicians, I mean all, have reneged on any principles they may have had. Every time more and more the belief that Democracy is not applied pervades our plebeian society, those high up doing whatever they are instructed to do by those who really matter in politics: those who own power effectively: plutocracy.


  3. Ders, the problem is, we have become dependent on the system and the system, such as it is, keeps producing these “prats”. I haven’t voted mainstream for years but there wasn’t a Green candidate this time and there was no viable alternative for me. As you know, I’d vote Conservative before I’d vote for the BNP but given the outcome of these elections, I now regret voting at all. I wish now that I’d abstained or spoiled the ballot paper.

    Jose, now that the Tories are in, we have people like Rupert Murdoch to contend with, one of of the many bad outcomes from all of this. A media owned by a non-Brit directly influencing policy here in Britain. It’s dreadful.


  4. Posted by ders on May 15, 2010 at 3:24 pm

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