For Jose

My dear friend Jose is going into hospital for surgery this weekend and this is for him.

Here’s sending you positive healing thoughts Jose, with love and warmest wishes.  Hope it all goes well.


7 responses to this post.

  1. With your sincere wishes I can see no other way than cheating the surgeons and leave the hospital soonest. LOL.

    Thank you dear friend.


  2. It’s been a week – where is the old fella? I hope he’s fine. My blog’s so quiet without him.


  3. Hey Zeddie. How are you?

    I miss Jose too. I do hope he’s recovering well.

    I still read and love your blog Zeddie. Sorry I don’t always comment. I mean to but I’m too easily distracted. I tagged you a while ago too – one of those meme thingy’s. Have a go. I enjoyed it. It gave me something to write anyway.


  4. Hi EP, don’t worry – I read loads of blogs but can’t always think of things to comment on. I did see the tag on the meme and was grateful you thought of me. Then I forgot. I’ll reread it.


  5. Back again home this afternoon, Thanks for your worries, friends, have gone through the operating theatre nicely but post-op treatment took a bit longer than foreseen. I expect to be back into action in a couple of days.



  6. Ah that’s wonderful news Jose. So glad it went well. Time to take it easy now and put your feet up . . . and don’t try to rush things. Take care. xx


  7. I can’t help it! Here I am again. Thank you Earthpal.


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