Rubbish Hotel

No really.  It’s a hotel made entirely out of rubbish.  Twelve tonnes of rubbish to be precise and all of it has been collected from Europe’s beaches.  What a trashy lot of European scruff-heads we are!

The hotel is located in the beautiful city of Rome and was created by German artist HA Schult as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the coastline’s pollution.  Distinguished guests include lovely eco-warrior Helena Christensen.  I’m still waiting for my special invitation  but it seems to have got lost in the post.  I’ve stayed in some dumps before but this place really is a tip.  What?  The cringer-puns are just throwing themselves at me.

Call it a gimmick if you like but there’s nothing gimmicky about our throwaway lifestyles and there’s nothing funny about all the inorganic rubbish we leaved behind for the Earth to choke on and this hotel is a clever and artsy way to raise awareness.  I love it!

Learn more about the Save the Beach campaign here.   And if you fancy building your own rubbish hotel you can find full and easy-to-use instructions here.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Those who keep throwing litter and garbage where they oughtn’t to may sneer at this show of imagination and keep throwing litter and garbage. Consciouslessness seems to be a trait of the human being.

    Thanks for sharing this, Earthpal.


  2. I know Jose. My kids have had it drummed into them, they’ve never been allowed to drop any litter, not even the tiniest piece. And they are very well trained now. Lol.

    What’s puzzles me is that it’s their own habitat that they’re trashing. I’ll never understand why people drop litter, especially fly-tipping in quiet beauty spots where there are no camera’s. It’s staggeringly odd that people want to trash places of natural beauty.


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