On Frustration

How’s it going folks?  Are we enjoying all the political shenanigans or are we totally exhausted by it all?  Personally, I’m feeling a wee bit weary of the whole sordid business but some things get me so aggravated that I have to shout.  But there’s little to be gained from blanket-bashing our MP’s just for the sake of it so I’m not going to.

Oh hell, of course I am.

And just so you know, my eyebrows are now firmly planted on the top of my head at the cheek of it all.  First I hear that the staggeringly arrogant David Cameron refer to the cuts as ‘delicious’ then Nick Clegg comes over all moral and outraged at PM’s QT when the opposition used the term social-cleansing to describe the Housing Benefit cuts even though we all know he’d be saying  the same thing if he hadn’t got into bed with the Tories.   What’s insulting and offensive is his use of diversionary tactics to avoid arguing the point in case (or is it case in point?).  He’s got a nerve anyway, calling things outrageous when he’s basically sold out his own values for a brief moment of power.  (I wish he’d just hurry up and defect to the Tories.  We know he’s going to do it eventually because he is a career politician who knows damn well that his own party is finished).  And, thinking about it,  some of those very people he says will be offended by the term social-cleansing are probably about to be forced out of their homes again.  I wouldn’t mind betting that a fair few of those people who will be affected by the HB cuts are of ethnic origin and already victims of cleansings of one kind or another.

An audience member on this week’s Question Time mentioned the disturbing drama Cathy Come Home in reference to the HB policies and lordy-me, that made me shudder.  The consequences of these rushed policies are going to hit hard.  They are rushing through sweeping policies without looking at the finer detail, using the “it’s to avoid expensive bureaucracy” excuse but as we all know, the devil is in the detail and just maybe there was a valid social reason for some of that bureaucracy created by Labour after all.

Then lordy-me again!  I find out that the government is going to sell off our forests to private firms. Typical Tory tradition – the minute they’re in power they sell off our assets.  Thatcher did it in the eighties and this time Cameron’s doing it under his  ‘Big Society‘ plan, pretending it’s so that private and civil society partners can own the forestry estates and take a greater role in the management thereof.

So, potentially, unscrupulous private developers from anywhere can swoop in, buy up and abuse them as much as they please in order to make money. And even if these business guys want to maintain the woodlands, they could deny access and and ban the public from enjoying the beauty of our own woodlands.  I have no doubt that a Tory-led government will attack the right-to-roam law – a hard-earned law fought for not least by the hugely respected John Smith RIP.

Our only hope is that some wealthy nature lover or a well-funded environmental charity will buy them up just to keep them protected.  Swampy, we need you.

And the last lordy-me goes to the Lib Dem’s  Chris Huhne who has  quietly scrapped their No to Nuclear Power policy.  I know.  I know.  Coalition = compromise.  Blah, blah.  But come on!  We’re talking core values here.  Key pre-election pledges that they’re now totally abandoning.  Have they really got no guts at all?  Hell, they’re even denying they ever had this policy. The Lib-Dem website page on their anti-nuclear power campaign has mysteriously disappeared but one guy here has the evidence which deliciously (up yours Cameron!) includes a video starring Chris Huhne himself no less speaking against nuclear power expansion.  I wonder what tomorrow’s policy-of-the-day will be.  Cowardly U-turns are fast becoming a speciality for the Lib-Dems.  Here’s the video to finish off . . .


2 responses to this post.

  1. Your anger, Earthpal, comes level with mine. Ideologies are lost for good. Money stays. In the exchange those without money can’t have ideologies either, so what are they left with? Misery. And the worst part of it is that their numbers keep growing. In a snap of our fingers the world may be turned upside down and all of those who cannot hold onto something solid will drop out into the void.

    Depressing isn’t it. It is.


  2. Absolutely Jose. I am so angry. It’s so unfair yet they’re trying to spin it into a campaign based on just that – fairness. Nothing could be further from the truth.


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