The Work of the Devil – a quick, random, bullet-pointy post

  • I don’t think anyone has made me want to throw up more than work-of-the-devil David Cameron and I’m thinking particularly about when he was talking to the BBC today from China about the naughty students and the extremely brave police officers at Millbank during the student protests.  Gawd, he is an unbelievably patronising git.  As for that violence caused by a minority, as overblown as it is, the question has been raised – has this ignited a wider public backlash against the cuts in general.  Who knows?  But hey, who said students and young people were politically apathetic?
  • It”s no secret that I am a nervy, jittery person and it doesn’t take much to make me all jumpy.  Well the damned wind outside is proper spooking me out folks.  The letter-box keeps rattling, my lounge door keeps blowing open and, in spite of the double-glazed windows, the silver metal blinds in my boy’s bedroom are blowing right out.  It’s the work of the devil I tells ya.
  • Those memoirs.  There’s no way I will be reading George Bush’s feel-good book-of-love but I did just finish a book called The Help which was utterly unputdownable and highly recommended.  I won’t say too much about it except to quote this line . . . Jackson, Mississippi 1962 – black maids raise white children but aren’t trusted not to steal the family silver.  As for that other book – the work of the devil (probably literally!), like I said, I won’t be reading it – remember, I’m easily spooked, but I have read the news and I’m well aware of what he said about torture in the form of water-boarding having saved British lives but he fails to mention that his torture policies, hell, all of his policies, have put people in more danger than ever.  Clearly there’s no limit to the man’s stupidity and inhumanity but enough about him.  I won’t sleep tonight as it is.
  • I don’t get the The Labour party.  What are they playing at rebelling against the expulsion of Phil Woolas and his anti-immigrant rhetoric?  We know they’re not doing it out of concern for Parliamentary sovereignty.  They’re dividing themselves again.  Are they trying to lose the next election?  Woolas played the race card and lost.  He pandered to the Daily Mailers and we all know that the Daily Mail is the work of the devil.  Harriet Harman was bang on when she gave him the boot.
  • Magnums are utterly yummy.  And probably the work of the devil.

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  1. What does Bush want? Being exonerated after what he started in Iraq keeps going on? I am afraid Iraqis, among many, won’t be ready to read his book.

    I don’t think most of the blame should be on Tories’ shoulders, because we all knew how these people breathe, another question is his accomplice Clegg who openly and shamelessly cheated those who voted him.

    I expect the proverbial British bull-doggishness will win the game.

    I am reading bad news about the NHS, Earthpal, I sincerely pray it doesn’t affect you.


    • Absolutely Jose. His Iraqi legacy is still ongoing. And yes, the Lib Dems are blatant in their cheating.

      Thanks for your concern about my job. It’s not looking good for me and my team and it keeps changing by the day. Nobody seems to know who’s deciding what. We just keep turning up at work. That’s all we can do for now but I’m going to Unison next week to get something done.


  2. I read ‘The Help’ this summer, I agree it was absolutely gripping.

    The devil seems to have an awful lot of work on his hands at the moment, which is more than a lot of people can say – still I’m sure he’ll come up with some devillish work-fare arrangement in which he can delegate some to the work-shy benefit scroungers in the absence of real, productive work.


    • Hi Goo. Yes the devil is very busy. What is it they say . . . the devil finds work for idle hands.

      This is the thing they just aren’t getting. Cutting benefits for people who fail the three strikes principle but where the heck are these jobs going to come from when they’re cutting everywhere? The mind boggles.


      • Either the country makes a decision on how to deal with the globalisation corporations that have abandoned the country for a cheaper scenario, or I am afraid no prospects of new employment, I mean employment up to European standards, seem to be likely.

        Globalisation should be controlled (meaning control of profits and their reversion into the original country’s treasury via taxes), free market abolished and the administrations become the real controllers in the hard process lying ahead.

        I wish you all the best, Earthpal.

  3. Well said Jose and thanks for the support.


  4. Where are you EP?


  5. Hiya Zeddie. Merriest wishes! Have you had a good time? It’s magical when the children are young.

    I’ve been busy with the family but I do miss my blogging friends. Maybe my NYR will be to blog more and keep in touch with my online friends.

    Merry Yuletide Zeddie. Hope to catch up with you soon. xx


  6. Thanks EP, merry yule to you too, and hope to see you out and about in 2011.


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