On hating George Osborne

“No attempt at ethical or social seduction can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin.” Aneurin Bevan

Did you know that if you google the words I hate George Osborne you get 612,000 results.

I try not to give in to the hate emotion.  I really do.  My mother always encouraged us not to use the word hate when referring to someone we don’t like but it’s not always easy to control those feelings when one takes an extreme disliking to someone.  The old emotions tend to take over the logical, calm side and its not usually a pretty sight.  And dammit, that bloody detestable fella George Osborne has gone and forced me to disrespect my dear mum’s sagely advice by making me hate him with a passion.  A fiery, burning passion.  I hate the Tories collectively but I’m feeling a dark urge to specifically target old Gideon.

There’s even a Facebook page called I hate George Osborne and I really don’t know what’s stopping me from joining.  Dignity probably.  I mean when I’ve done with the hate rant that I’m about to embark upon, I’ll need to salvage any dignity remaining and joining such a Facebook group would only make me feel even more sullied. Kind of like how I feel when I read Melanie PhillPots blog or accidentally tune in to the Jeremy Kyle Show.

So why do I hate him?

Lordy, where do I start?

It’s not just his lamentable and downright spiteful budget or the callous cuts that make me detest this vile person.  It’s the smug, uncaring and grossly arrogant demeanor of the man.  He sneers at people folks.  It’s not an unfortunate act of nature that makes his facial features appear to look sneery.  He really does willfully sneer.  And remember when he poked fun at Nicholas Sarkozy for being short.  Now I’m no admirer of Sarkozy, far from it, but for a politician who should be displaying a mature and responsible public face to make fun of a person’s  physical appearance is a personal and really rather shallow thing.  Not funny at all. Gideon thought it was though.  You can see the egotistical twerp laughing hysterically at his own joke here.  Don’t watch it.  You will cringe. He’s also got away with ageist slurs against Dennis Skinner and homophobic jibes against Chris Bryant – letting slip the true bigoted colours of the Tory boys.

And there’s even more to hate.  It’s not just the deliberate targeting of the poor and the squeezed middle.  It’s the unethical pro-wealthy, right-wing ideology that drives him.  It’s the grim fact that he really does aspire to keeping the poor in their place while preserving the luxuriously elite status of a small group of wealthy people.  It’s his blatant generosity towards big business in the face of those at risk of losing their jobs/homes/benefits.  It’s the stealthy tearing away of workers rights and family-friendly flexible choices so that employers can use people as they wish and pay them rock-bottom wages.

In a nutshell, it’s the fact that he is stubbornly pursuing this Tory ideology of a Thatcher magnitude without ever having won a true mandate.  I really believe he is actually enjoying inflicting this pain.  I hope to goodness the karma gods are paying attention.

I must now go into a dark room and chant a mantra or two, before the hatred consumes me completely.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I cannot understand hatred, I can understand you though. Mr. Osborne should not be hated he should be despised.

    I have seen that persons who hate eventually end up by destroying themselves, so I am worried that may happen to you and that is something that I wouldn’t at all like.

    If you admit an advice from an old man, try to forget him and despise him for what he really is: a perfect coward.

    Bless you, Earthpal.


  2. Dearest Jose, thank you for the kind advice. You are so right. Hatred is a destructive and ugly emotion. Like yourself, my mother was right to encourage us away from indulging in such a force. She used to say . . . you can hate what a person does but don’t hate the person. I think she must have been inspired by Jesus or Gandhi. Bless her, she was a good and beautiful woman.

    I’ve taken your advice Jose. You’ve been a gentle reminder of my mothers kindly guidance.


  3. Sometimes you just have to let it out and then get on! Which you have of course. Like you, I’m angered by his idealogical zeal which so blindly swipes at so many poorer communities. I don’t particularly like the way Cameron hides behind him either, when things start going badly wrong – which I think they will – Osbourne will in fact be in the firing line while Cameron continues with his ‘I’m a nice guy really act.’ Ooh, now you’ve got me at it!


  4. Hi Goo,

    Yes you’re right, Cameron does hide behind Osborne. And have you noticed how it’s almost always LibDem Danny Alexander who is pushed forward as spokesman defending the cuts? I suspect that’s down to Cameron and his PR skills – using Lib Dem faces to defend the ideology so that people relate all the bad news to the Lib Dems leaving the public with a sublime negative image of them rather than the Tories when it comes to election time.


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