Bluebells, Caves, Lakes . . . and not a lot more

Well what do you expect when we get two long weekends back-to-back and the sun shining throughout?  Nothing to do with the fact that my synapses are refusing to fire up and I can’t seem to put anything together that would be worthy of reading.  What’s that saying?  The mind is willing but the . . . erm . . . never mind.  The photo’s will have to do – taken in Rydal Water – a family favourite that we visit often over the seasons.  Although there have been some treason-like mutterings from within recently that go something like . . . not there again!  Can’t we think of somewhere different?  And that’s just the husband!  It’s mutiny I tells ya!


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  1. It looks so far away from civilisation that it’s heavenly. No noises, no smoke, no “everything we are used to”. It’s really heaven.


  2. Yes, it’s a beautiful place Jose. Not quite as isolated as it looks but beautiful just the same.


  3. I wish I could step into your photo of the bluebell woods, very beautiful!


  4. Me too Goo.

    I have very happy memories of an enchanting Bluebell Woods where I used to play. I used to pick whole bunches of them and present them to my mum who would get out all her jam jars and assortment of vases to put them in. Of course that was before the bluebell was a protected wild flower. Happy days. 🙂


  5. Oh! these are so beautiful. Wouldnt mind a picnic under those trees or a walk along the water’s edge.


    • Yes, it’s a lovely, lovely place. We’ve had many picnics by the lake – and adventures in the cave – when the kids were a bit younger. These are the days that form their memories.


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