Of food and the inaccessibility thereof


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  1. Some very serious food for thought here. Thanks for posting.

    (Going off on a little bit of a tangent here, forgive me!: I recently made cupcakes for a fundraiser at my daughter’s school, they sold them for 20p each. I told her they could have made more if I simply gave them the money for the ingredients and I could have saved my time! After watching this video I now know that I should ice the price onto the cakes!)


  2. Hi Goo.

    Yes, i know what you mean about the charity cake sales. We have Bake-outs at our rugby club and for those who don’t bake regularly, the initial outlay can add up to more than what’s raised at the event. But our fund-raiser is ruthless and she charges phenomenal amounts for every cake. And they all get sold!!


  3. But what’s the answer? Current methods of food production are environmentally unsustainable, but demand for food continues to rise and rise.


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