Fur Coats Eco-Friendly . . . ?

Fur Coats Eco-Friendly . . . ?

An advert saying that fur is eco-friendly has been banned by an advertising watchdog because it says the ad is misleading. The fur breeders claim that because the fur is a natural product that lasts a lifetime and is biodegradable, they can promote their products as eco-friendly.

Completely misleading

For starters, the chemicals they treat the fur with to preserve and protect it cancel out any eco-benefits they claim exist. Then there’s the environmental damage caused by their farming methods that make their products far from carbon-neutral not to mention the number of animals that the’re taking out of the eco-system to kill and profit from.  But apart from that the fur farmers say that a fur coat will last up to thirty years but can you imagine how matted and manky it would be after being worn by a human for so long.

Anyway, most people who wear fur wouldn’t keep a fashion item for that long. They’d be onto the next design within a year or two and last year’s furry accessory would be discarded without another thought.

Nice try.  I’ll give them that.


5 responses to this post.

  1. They never give up, do they?


    • Jose! My dear friend. How are you? I have neglected this place. I hope you and your loved ones are well.

      No, they don’t give up. Too much to lose I guess…and it’s all worth nothing in the long run. 🙂


  2. Terrible, terrible attempt. Nobody is stupid enough to believe that, except maybe those ardent fur-wearers who would like to justify their fashion statement and even they don’t really buy it.


  3. It simply beggars belief that anyone would ever think that is a good idea! Terrible idea.


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