Hello Folks

This is just a place to store all my head thoughts in the unfortunate event that my mind may one day, spontaneously choose to erase the lot.

Hopefully my thoughts and opinions will be diverse and varied but I will probably bang on – a lot – about green issues and global ethics, the spirituality of nature and the wretchedness of humanity.

In addition, t’will be my take on topical news issues, politics, my personal ethics,  poetry, love, frustration, joy, my children, being sad, being happy and interacting with other like-minded people.

All friendly readers, discussion and feedback are welcome.

Merriest wishes.


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  1. Hello,
    we’re running a campaign to stop the Kingsnorth coal power station being built in Kent and have a website at:

    and a blog at:

    any thoughts, comments, mentions or posts welcome!



  2. Hi Pete.

    Sorry I haven’t responded sooner. I missed your comment.

    There is a climate scientist called Dr. Jim Hansen whom George Bush has unsurprisingly tried to silence. He recently visited the UK, partly inspired by the governments decision to approve the Kingsnorth construction plan for a new coal-fired power station.

    According to the report, he believes that coal will destroy the planet.

    “We are fast approaching a series of tipping points. Changes such as the melting of the Arctic ice cap, the acidification of the oceans and the global rises in temperature could be approaching the point of becoming irreversible.

    “In the face of such threats it is madness to propose a new generation of power plants based on burning coal, which is the dirtiest and most polluting of all the fossil fuels. We need a moratorium on the construction of coal-fired power plants and we must phase out the existing ones within two decades.”



  3. Hi Valerie,

    I wonder if I could get in touch with you via email about a campaign I am helping with to conserve beaches in UK and Europe – I’m wondering if you may be able to help highlight and support the project on your blog? (I couldnt see a contact form or adress on here!) This is the campaign website: http://www.coronasavethebeach.org, but if i can email you about it all that would be great.

    best wishes,


  4. Hi Earthpal,

    I recently came upon your website and thought you might like to hear about the WILD Foundation’s World Wilderness Congress. Also known as WILD9 (http://wild9.org/), it is the longest running environmental forum and occurs once every four years. This year’s conference will be held the week of November 6th in Merida, Mexico, and will feature speakers Jane Goodall, Stephan Harding, and Pav Dukhdev.

    I thought you’d enjoy WILD9 since it will also address the first ever international agreement on Wilderness between U.S., Canadian and Mexican agencies. Does this seem like something you would want to share with your readers?




  5. Hello earthpal,

    215 events are taking place in the UK on Monday as part of 1500+ worldwide to send a massive wake-up call to world leaders meeting in New York next week to try to salvage flagging climate talks.
    If you are interested to konw more about global details and some great examples of events around the world, please get in touch with me.

    See full map of events: http://www.avaaz.org/en/tcktcktck_map/

    Best wishes,


  6. Hi Emmanuelle. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve actually received an email from Avaaz about this very thing.

    Regards and good luck with it. Should be big. Should be good.


  7. Posted by michelle on September 22, 2009 at 12:48 pm

    I was wondering if you could email me your direct email details as I would like to send you some information regarding ‘Green Living’, an eco magbook we are soon to publish. i would like to discuss the possibility of you reviewing the publication in your blog.



  8. Hi Michelle, I’ve emailed you with my contact address.


    • Posted by michelle on November 7, 2009 at 5:33 pm

      Hi again.

      I hope you’re well and enjoying the start of Autumn! Everything looks much prettier when the leaves are red and yellow. Juts getting in touch as I can’t find your email anywhere in my inbox… Would you be able to send me your contact details again.




  9. Hi,

    Would you care for a reciprocal link to my blog?



  10. Hi Owen,

    Yes I’d be happy to.




  11. Hi there,

    Just wanted to send you a note regarding WILD9 (http://www.wild.org/) and the WILD Foundation. As you may have heard, the entire event is beginning today, and there are a ton of events planned such as keynotes by Jane Goodall and Stephan Harding. In addition to live blogging and tweeting, you can stay “in the loop” by streaming on live video from WILD’s established USTREAM channel (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wild9). Please feel free to embed this live feed, or if you want to simply share it with your readers, we’d love that as well.



    Lisa Wigetman
    Account Executive | Pandemic Labs
    (c)+1 617.335.8881


  12. Hello! Keep britain Tidy have just released a short clip about the impact of smoking related litter on the environment.
    Lots of smokers don’t seem to associate dropping their cig butt on the floor with dropping litter so this video shows that its no small problem.
    We’d love it if you could share this clip with your readers. The embed code is

    And you can se the clip here http://www.keepbritaintidy.org/News/Default.aspx?newsID=869

    Thanks, Nicola


  13. Hi there,

    I’m a member of the UK’s Climate Camp movement -http://www.climatecamp.org.uk – and the international movement Climate Justice Action – http://www.climate-justice-action.org
    I’m contacting you to let you know that we’ll be taking to the streets in Copenhagen next week and will have lots of great video, photography and live reports from direct actions. If you’d like us to keep you updated during the week with news and content please drop us an email saying “yes please!”

    We’ll be telling world leaders carbon trading isn’t a solution, green capitalism isn’t a solution; we need system change to effectively tackle climate change. Also, if you’d be interested in us guest posting on your site then please let us know – we’d love to help.

    Many thanks

    Catherine Lambert, Camp for Climate Action


  14. Hi Earthpal,

    I was wondering if you would like to try our GOOD OIL which we make in Devon? It’s v good for the environment (it is made from Hemp) and we’re trying to spread the word.

    If you would like a sample just drop me a line with your address and I’ll send one over.

    Keep up the good work!



  15. Hi Earthpal,

    I work for a company called Igogreen. We are an online green product co-development community. We bring consumers and companies on board and develop well-designed, affordable, truly green products. (www.igogreenvoice.com)

    I was wondering if you could share your direct email address so I can send you more information regarding our company and current projects, and the possibility of you helping us promote the platform in your blog.



  16. Hi Jing,

    My email address is earthpal@hotmail.co.uk


  17. Posted by Barbara O' Brien on June 14, 2010 at 5:54 pm


    I just have a quick question for you but couldn’t find an email so had to resort to this. I am an environmental blogger. Please email me back at barbaraobrien@maacenter.org when you get a chance. Thanks.



  18. Hello! Keep britain Tidy have just released a short clip about the impact of smoking related litter on the environment.Lots of smokers don’t seem to associate dropping their cig butt on the floor with dropping litter so this video shows that its no small problem.We’d love it if you could share this clip with your readers. The embed code is


  19. Hello!

    If you’re interested in being as green in death as you are in life, then you might want to visit Handled Wtih Care, the National Coffin Exhibition being held on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 July 2010 at Chiltern Woodland Burial Park, near Beaconsfield, Bucks HP9 2XB (01494 872159)

    Coffins on show will include those made from recycled newspaper, wool, bamboo and hand-woven willow. As well as being able to meet the producers visitors will be able to get advice on green funerals and take carriage rides through the 72-acre woodland (the largest mature woodland burial park in the country). It’s a free event running from 10am – 4pm both days.


  20. Hello there,

    I found your blog while surfing and decided to read on. I enjoyed it and will return.



  21. Thanks Sharon. I’ve neglected it lately but hoping to revive it when I get the chance. I’ve been looking at your site too. Am impressed. :–)


  22. Posted by Kori on February 16, 2011 at 8:52 pm


    I would love to talk to you about an issue that I feel is a hot topic in environmental news and something that most families are intrigued to read about. I have written an article that I think your readers would be interested in seeing on your blog.

    I’m looking to promote that idea that by encouraging grocery shoppers to branch out from their usual selections and to join the local food movement, they can help provide a healthy food choice for their families and create a more sustainable agricultural system.


  23. Hi Eartpal,

    As a reader of your blog, I thought I would reach out about an interesting story on the company I launched with a bunch of friends in Europe a few years ago. This is now turning in a very interesting European green travel phenomenon.

    The story started by recognising a few of obvious facts:
    – There are (in EU and UK alike) less than 1.5 person/car when a car. This is a well-known fact!
    – Less known is that there are more empty seats (in car) traveling around the country than any other way of transportation (For example in the UK more than 85% of miles travelled are travelled by car.
    – Finally, lots of carpool/rideshare services have targeted the short term commute

    Hence, we started a market place where drivers can “sell” their empty seats for (long distance) trips they would do anyway while passengers get a super low-cost option and typically last minute deal. Of course, we could call that a carpooling platform or a ridesharing website, but we really think of it as a new, social, low cost and environmentally friendly way to travel!

    What all started as a pretty experimental project driven by web enthousiats is now turning into a bit of a travel phenomenon in Europe. We have 3 sites across Europe (in the UK, France and Spain) and over 1m members with over 800,000 rides offered every month. This is now becoming a new way to travel in Europe and we’ve been blown away by the take-up rate. We’ve also increased a national average of 1.5 person/car to 3 person/car in our growing community which is unheard of at this scale. This service is addressing one of the most absurd and environmental transport inefficiency there is.

    This is the UK site: http://www.blablacar.com
    (The French one which has a lot more traffic is covoiturage.fr and the Spanish one is comuto.es)

    If you’d like more information on this, I’d be very hap
    py to chat and provide more information (my email below)
    Best Regards,


    • Thanks Nicholas. It’s an excellent project. I wish you loads of luck with it. I will write a blog post about it soon linking to your company.


  24. Dear Earthpal,
    Leaders do not exist, from Obama to the Pope we are led by ditherers, prevaricators. It may be that the power of nature is so great that the habitually powerful are flummoxed. The tsunami in Japan was the equivalent power of 23,000 atom bombs. At any rate, there has been little talk from leaders about the planet listing toward disaster – as if, since the Copenhagen conference 2 years ago – there is a gag order on climate comments. Even the big environmental NGO’s seem muted…

    Result of all this: Tornados, floods, fires and droughts – everything is reported in exactly the same way as these tragedies were reported 30 years ago. Each disaster stands alone, with no connection to the others. Each terrible event is platformed by the same sentimental tabloid narrative. There is no context, no “why?” The science never happened. We are agreeing to die without even looking up to see who’s holding the gun.

    Each human being, each group of human beings – needs to stop and ask “What am I able to do for the Earth? …consciously for life, for water, for air?” The time of gradualism is long past.

    Our solution? The Earthalujah Church. First of all – who are we? All the people that Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell said caused the world trade towers to crash – the relativists, feminists, sodomites, ironists, sensualists, agnostics –

    We worship life itself, which is amazing. The most sophisticated over-cultured human being is still impressed by what life is. Life is so interesting and unprecedented – it deserves a better explanation than fundamentalists…

    So we sign up for the power of the Earth. Try to get our signals from it, listen to it. We shake our asses and sing a lot and let the natural world’s facts fill our lyrics. Start over by appreciating our eco-system and then get involved with the local non-fossil fueled economy. Love the Earth’s power – it’s grandness and intimacy, by stopping shopping, walking and biking move. Stop burning fossils.
    We’re asking creation for a collaboration. Can we be a part of what’s happening? Not just the villain in all these apoclaypses?

    We find that praying straight at life – asking for the power from life – then we can walk back into the city ready for all sorts of activist responses to the Devil. We prepare special rituals for the big banks that guide billions toward CO-2 emitting industries, especially extractive mining practices. Bank lobbies make us salivate. Amen!


  25. Posted by SodaStream UK on August 10, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    Hi EarthPal team,

    Hope you’re well today? Just getting in touch from Frank PR, as I thought this environmental campaign launch, designed to highlight the issue of plastic bottle wastage in the UK, might be of use to the site. Last week we unveiled stunning new sculpture of a 10 foot ‘bottle family’ made entirely out of plastic bottles to the public, to increase awareness for our campaign.

    It has been launched to encourage families to be more conscious of reducing their waste, with the summer holidays being the time when they will be out and about consuming more fizzy drinks than any other time of year. With only 100 out of every 500 plastic bottles used in the UK being recycled it makes the issue more important than ever. The release is pasted below for some context.

    Also, check out the time-lapse video of the plastic bottle family being constructed; it really highlights the issue surrounding this compelling campaign of plastic bottle wastage awareness…

    It would be fantastic for the campaign if you wanted to embed this video on your site, or were interested in running the story. Do let me know if there’s any other info you need, or if you would like pics.


    Picture caption: Sodastream highlights the issue of plastic bottle waste, unveiling a ten ft sculpture made out of 827 plastic bottles, the number an average family will use in a year

    Hazel Beevers


  26. Dear Earthpal,

    I am writing from PD Fuel Tec (UK) Ltd, and would like to offer you the chance to trial our product, to demonstrate that it is easy for every person to help cut carbon emissions in fossil fuels.

    We produce a range of revolutionary and eco-friendly fuel conditioners which react with liquid fossil fuels to ensure greater fuel efficiency, resulting in cost savings and a reduction in carbon emissions.

    For a full scientific break down, please visit: http://www.pdfueltec.co.uk

    If this is something you are interested in, we are more than happy to send you samples and a trial pack for whichever type of engine or boiler you so chose.

    Warmest regards,

    Kate Fitzgerald


  27. Dear Earthpal,

    You’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.
    Check here http://mysoul.wordpress.com/2011/12/22/versatile-blogger-award/


  28. Hi Valerie,

    I wondered if I might be able to contact you about the Anywhere Working initiative. Please do drop me an email if interested.



  29. Hi Pete, we’re running a campaign at the moment to search for the best sustainable projects and businesses in Europe, the site is here http://www.sustainability-stories.com. If you are interested, could I email you more info?


  30. Posted by Leena on June 22, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    Hi Earthpal

    I hope you are well.

    I was wondering if someone could drop me an email as I wanted to discuss a story that might be of interest for you.

    Many thanks



  31. Hello, I’m a New Media specialist working for an advertising agency. We found your ecology oriented site as it has some great blog posts that are relevant to our client‘s site which provides green fleet management which helps reduce vehicle emissions and make lower fuel usage. Would you be interested in running any advertising on your site? We can create a range of unique content options such as product reviews or guest posts to complement your site. Please feel free to get in touch should you wish to discuss this further.


  32. Hi! I wondered if some of your readers might be interested in free sustainable futures events that Bournemouth University is hosting as part of our Festival of Learning.

    Some of the events include:

    • Bug Grub: Challenge your cultural palate and gastronomic sensibilities by consuming unconventional foods, which are likely to form a large proportion of the food chain in the future.
    • Food waste farm: What can be grown from waste food, including mushrooms and edible insects?
    • Extinction: The future of the human race: This talk will explore the concept of Mass Extinction within the geological record, from dinosaurs to giant mammals!
    There’s more information here if you are interested…



  33. Hi!

    I am writing to inform you about ForestNation’s Earth Day Tree Planting Event and to see if this is a story you would be interested in sharing with your readers…

    This year on Earth Day, ForestNation is encouraging people across the globe to pledge to plant a tree as a thank you to Mother Earth. United in the simple action of planting, we can make a difference today and long into the future. We have asked people to pledge and register their trees and the location of their planting via the ForestNation website. http://forestnation.com/earth-day-tree-planting/

    We have also created a Facebook group, “Earth Day 2015” to spread the word and get people to join the mission. Nearly 3,000 people have joined the event group and the page has blossomed into a forum in which people share their passion for fighting climate change and ideas for living in synergy with Mother Earth. We love to see that people are as excited as we are!

    We believe that planting trees, working to build a forest nation, is extremely important and would love your help in spreading the word about our event.

    Please let me know if you would like to know more about our Earth Day event or about ForestNation’s mission.

    Thank you,


  34. I’m really happy to see your articles and care about water. We made it our mission to help people save water to protect the environment and save money.

    In the next couple of weeks we will be launching exclusively for bloggers, journalists initially a New calculator that will help people understand their water consumption and how they can save water.

    If you will like to be part of this launch just let me know.

    Cornel Ilea


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